Year of Return

December is truly a busy time in Ghana. Over one million visas were issued to other nationals coming to Ghana due to Ghana’s Year of Return Campaign. Those one million visas came to fruition in the month of December. Two major music festivals, Afronation and Afrochella, took place during this time along with hundreds of other organized events all around the greater Accra region of Ghana.

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Since Afronation and Afrochella were such a big deal, our team has made a vote about which top 3 artists we would like to see perform at these festivals next year. Our first pick is an artist who delivers some of the best live performance experience in the world. He also has a track featured in NBA 2K20. This artist is Calid B.

The second artist is a Nigerian-American artist from Houston Texas. His live performances are also quite astounding because he brings nothing but high energy. His music is also featured on NBA 2K20. This artist is Tobe Nwiwe.

Our final pick comes down to a local artist in Ghana making waves and representing the hip-hop community of Ghana. He is an artist from Spintex with unreal capabilities to deliver good vibes. This artist is Blvckxng Kbo.

Now that December has ended, the New Year has come. The streets of Ghana are becoming less congested; the huge festivals have officially closed; and the winds and dust from the Sahara desert are making its way too Ghana, marking the beginning of the dry season. But Ghana is far from dry when it comes to music, arts, and culture.

January 5th marked a day to remember at Ahara Studios, Expantion Art Exhibit. Surprisingly, it took only two days to organize this event. But best believe that the real time spent on this project was in the art! We give a big shout out to everybody involved in making this happen. Check out the video below to witness the vibes!

Ahara Studios CEO: Egya Bucknor

Artist: Ato Boxer

Production Crew: Avis Entertainment

Videographer: Wavvy Vibrations

MC: Israel Dickens a.k.a Mission

DJ Antonio Cesar

Performers: Blvckxng KBO, DTM Nascar, NFL King Grandy, Kwame Swerve, Mr. Vice, Chuck, TXMO, Exo, Jay Barns, and Kelly Kellz

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