Calling all producers that sample African tradition!

The Kpanlogo Riddim Competition officially launches on November 10, 2020. This program invites beat-makers, producers, and artists to remix the “Kpanlogo Riddim” samples recorded at the 2019 Music Preservation workshop at the University of Ghana. Not only is this an opportunity to collaborate with a master drummer from Ghana but also to showcase remixes on 107.9 YFM, sign up to international music distribution and ownership accounts, and connect to future artistic and economic opportunities in Ghana’s creative sector.

How to Enter the Competition


  • Download the Kpanlogo Riddim Sample Pack
  • Submit your remix
  • Complete post-submission survey

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Fulbright Presentation Invitation

You are invited to learn more about the key role urban music makers play in music preservation initiatives in Ghana and the Global South. Cesar will illustrate research findings rooted in his experience as a Fulbright Scholar, DJ at 107.9 YFM, and Music Producer at Solidarity Studios. If you are interested in hip-hop, cultural preservation, and community organizing, this is the place to be! RSVP by filling out the form below.

RSVP HERE Limited Spots Available

Thank you for signing up. Please expect an email with a link to the virtual meeting. We encourage you to listen to the Ghana Music Project podcast before tuning into the panel discussion so that you can learn background information from cultural psychologists, educators, and creators directly associated with the Ghana Music Project. You can find the podcast in the link below.

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Are You A Ghanaian Creative Looking For Project Funding?

Welcome to Our Blog


Are you a Ghanaian Creative looking to fund your upcoming film, music, or community projects? Check out the opportunities below to explore possible opportunities for your projects. The Ghana Music Project dedicates our efforts to providing you useful information, resources and opportunities for your artistic and intellectual contribution  to the world!

Fundacion Botin Visual Arts Grant

Deadline: May 8, 2020

Amount: 23,000 Euros

Type: Visual Arts

Summary: Fundación Botín announces its new call for projects to award 6 Visual Arts Grants meant to support individual art projects that may consist of training (academic or not), research (non academic), and production.

Burning Man Global Arts Grant

Deadline: TBA for 2021 Cohort

Amount: $500 – $10,000

Type: Art Installation & Community Engagement

Summary: This program funds highly interactive, community-driven works of art that prioritize community involvement in their development, execution and display. We fund art that is accessible to the public, civic in scope and prompts the viewer to act.

International Filmmakers Without Borders

Deadline: January / June / August 1st

Amount: $100 – $5,000

Type: Short Film, Feature Film, Documentary Film Research, Production, Post Production

Summary: (FWB) supports independent filmmakers around the world via grants and other funding initiatives. Supported projects include narrative films, documentary films, and new media projects that align with themes of social justice, empowerment, and cultural exchange.

Rogovy Foundation Documentary Fund

Deadline: May 15th, 2020

Amount: up to $25,000

Type: Documentary Film

Summary: The Miller / Packan Film Fund supports documentaries that EducateInspire and Enrich. The Fund is financed through the Rogovy Foundation. We believe in the transformational power that comes from enlightening narratives and inspiring characters.

Ghana & US Embassy Public Affair Small Grants

Deadline: May 8 2020

Amount: up to $10,000- $50,000

Type: Journalism, Work Readiness, Women & Girls Empowerment, STEM

Summary: Variety of community development and empowerment grants distributed by the American Embassy. Projects that include significant American content (such as American speakers, American materials, U.S. Embassy participation, or a theme or topic originating in, or inspired by, U.S. history or society) will be more favorably evaluated.

U.S Embassy Exchange Programs

Deadline: 2021 TBA

Amount: Varies

Type: Travel, Training, Scholarship

Through the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and other exchange programs, thousands more talented Ghanaians have developed their leadership skills and gotten to know America.

Fulbright Fellowship

Deadline: Per Year

Amount: Full Funding For Research in any Country (Check Eligibility)

Type: Fellowship

Summary:  In Ghana, the Fulbright Foreign Student Program (Fulbright FSP) focuses on the academic and professional development of staff, junior faculty, and administrators employed in the following types of institutions:  tertiary, research, or government.  This includes but is not limited to junior faculty, research assistants, assistant lecturers, technicians supporting classroom instruction, administrators, researchers, and lecturers.Women, individuals from rural areas, and under-represented groups including individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply (reasonable accommodation will be provided for individuals with disabilities interested in applying.)

For consultation services email with your inquiry.

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How much does it cost to produce one song in Ghana?

black cassette tape on top of red and yellow surface
Photo by Stas Knop on

How much does it cost to produce one song in Ghana?

Imagine, you are a musical creative landing into the culturally rich country of Ghana with the intention to record new afrobeat, hip-hop, and dance music for your EP or Album. You are looking for a professional yet affordable studio to record music but do not know where to start. Our financial break down discusses the average price to produce one song. This number often varies depending on relationships, services, and studios. But to put a number on the cost, it costs nearly 1000 Ghana Cedis to produce one high quality song in Ghana.

Song Cost

Mixing & Mastering: 300 GH or $55

Artist Fees: 250 GH or $45

Recording: 100 GH or $19

Transportation: 120 GH or $22

Producer Fee: 100 GH or $20

Ast. Producer Fee: 50 GH or $10

Misc Fees: 50 GH or $10

Total: 970 GH or $180

According to audio engineer and producer representing Avis Entertainment, Josh On It, about 3 people out of 5 people rather “use their head” instead of pay. “Using your head,” is a metaphor that describes an artist’s attempt to pay as little money as possible. Because Ghana’s economy is based around negotiation, most artists will find a way to successfully “use their head,” or reduce the price. At the same time, it’s important to clearly communicate a reasonable price or exchange for a service. So take this into consideration when coming to Ghana to produce your EP! Speaking of EP, we have listed reasonable prices to produce an EP consisting of six songs.


EP Cost

Mixing & Mastering: 1500 GH or $280

Artist Fees: 1200 GH or $220

Recording: 600 GH or $110

Transportation: 720 GH or $130

Producer Fee: 600 GH or $110

Ast. Producer Fee: 300 GH or $55

Misc Fees: 300 GH or $55

Total: 5,220 GH or $970

Now that we have found a reasonable price for producing an original song and/or EP, stay tuned to The Ghana Music Project’s blog to find out where you can find music studios to record music in Accra, Ghana. Follow our Youtube Channel, Instagram, and Facebook account @Ghanamusicproject to stay current with all the information you need to succeed in Ghana as an artist.

Instagram: @Ghanamusicproject

Facebook: @Ghanamusicproject

Twitter: @Ghanamusicproject

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Year of Return

December is truly a busy time in Ghana. Over one million visas were issued to other nationals coming to Ghana due to Ghana’s Year of Return Campaign. Those one million visas came to fruition in the month of December. Two major music festivals, Afronation and Afrochella, took place during this time along with hundreds of other organized events all around the greater Accra region of Ghana.

Image result for afronation ghana 2019

Since Afronation and Afrochella were such a big deal, our team has made a vote about which top 3 artists we would like to see perform at these festivals next year. Our first pick is an artist who delivers some of the best live performance experience in the world. He also has a track featured in NBA 2K20. This artist is Calid B.

The second artist is a Nigerian-American artist from Houston Texas. His live performances are also quite astounding because he brings nothing but high energy. His music is also featured on NBA 2K20. This artist is Tobe Nwiwe.

Our final pick comes down to a local artist in Ghana making waves and representing the hip-hop community of Ghana. He is an artist from Spintex with unreal capabilities to deliver good vibes. This artist is Blvckxng Kbo.

Now that December has ended, the New Year has come. The streets of Ghana are becoming less congested; the huge festivals have officially closed; and the winds and dust from the Sahara desert are making its way too Ghana, marking the beginning of the dry season. But Ghana is far from dry when it comes to music, arts, and culture.

January 5th marked a day to remember at Ahara Studios, Expantion Art Exhibit. Surprisingly, it took only two days to organize this event. But best believe that the real time spent on this project was in the art! We give a big shout out to everybody involved in making this happen. Check out the video below to witness the vibes!

Ahara Studios CEO: Egya Bucknor

Artist: Ato Boxer

Production Crew: Avis Entertainment

Videographer: Wavvy Vibrations

MC: Israel Dickens a.k.a Mission

DJ Antonio Cesar

Performers: Blvckxng KBO, DTM Nascar, NFL King Grandy, Kwame Swerve, Mr. Vice, Chuck, TXMO, Exo, Jay Barns, and Kelly Kellz

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Sounds of Ghana

The Ghana Music Project will release our album, The Sounds of Ghana, in the new year! This will be an album that introduces the various types of musical genres in Ghana. These genres include Afrobeat, Azonto, Traditional Rhythms, Highlife, and Palm Wine. It will be the perfect album for anybody interested in experiencing the common music found in the streets, clubs, and villages of Ghana. So come experience the music of Ghana by ordering our album. If you are interested in preordering, please send an email to so that we can reserve your digital copy.

In an effort to finish the production of this diverse album, our team continues to visit the University of Ghana’s recording studio, built by Fulbright Scholar Colter Harper, to finish our recordings. The completion of the Sounds of Ghana will mark the end of a chapter regarding our work with traditional communities but mark the beginning of a new one with urban communities. This does not mean we are finished collaborating with traditional communities. We will in fact use the philosophies and approaches learned from traditional communities in our work with urban communities. The ultimate goal by May 2020 is to connect these two communities together through our music projects. Collaborations between these communities can lead to sounds such as the song below!

In an effort to engage with urban artists we continue to join and participate in freestyle sessions, video shoots, and music performances. Engaging with urban artist includes engaging with urban communities. Consequently we have a song recording workshop scheduled next week at “Kriswoods Academy” and are partnering with public schools (thanks to Fulbright Scholar Houssay) to continue our music education initiatives supported by Solidarity Studios. On December 26th our team will collaborate with the Ghana based record label and talent agency, BBNZ, to host a teen concert that showcases talented young creatives.


Community Workshops

The Ghana Music Project initiated its first set of community workshops in partnership with Kriswoods Academy. In this workshop, local artist NFL King Grandy, taught song writing and performance techniques to a group of thirty young students using his very own song, “Head Up,” as a learning tool. Click the video link below to watch how it went down!

The Ghana Music Project will continue to work with Kriswoods Academy to support music education initiatives. This time we will bring our mobile studio to give students experience with recording technologies and media production. More importantly, this is an opportunity to inspire youth to exercise their voices with confidence, which is key for the future leaders of the world. Click the link below to listen to the groovy instrumental that they will record over.

The Ghana Music Project approaches education in a unique way by incorporating the productions of local artists as learning tools for students. This gives us the opportunity to invite local artists to teach students what they have learned about the creative process. These creative agents accompanied with curriculum and facilitators inspires students to engage and connect with the content of the music and the content of their own lives in a fun, relatable, and impactful way.


In light of this, the Ghana Music Project will continue to partner with local artists in Tema and the Greater Accra region for creative and educational purposes. In this past month, we have connected with the following artists, all well practiced in their own specialities: Winston Michaels, 2iice, Ricky Spade, Dayjoo, NFL King Grandy, Manic, BLCKXNG KBO and Pearl. We plan to collaborate with each of these artists for our education programs, podcast, and media productions.


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TEMA: The Creative Capitol

Tema, the port city on Ghana’s coast, is widely known as the creative capitol of Ghana. A good friend of mine compared it the West Side of Chicago, and this is a fairly accurate analogy. While the West Side of Chicago produced artist such as Kanye West, Twista, and Saba, Tema has produced artists such as Sarkodie, Kwesi Arthur, and NFL King Grandy.


So there really isn’t a better way to start the Ghana Music Project other than in Ghana’s creative capitol. Many big name artists come from Tema and even more underground artists and producers live in Tema today. It is a breeding ground for underground artists. Just in our neighborhood alone, there are more music studios than fitness centers.


While the Ghana Music Project primarily focuses on engaging with traditional music, we have thought very carefully about an important question, “Who do we want to inspire and serve through this project?” The answer came down to a very relatable demographic of people, urban youth. This means that the Ghana Music Project meets at the intersection of urban youth culture and traditional culture.


In order to get a sense of urban youth culture in Ghana, the Ghana Music Project will continue to make, create, and investigate the creative Capitol of Ghana until the New Year.  We expect to record music, meet more artists, and asses the possibility of building our own studio in Tema, to produce music and serve as an educational opportunity for youth.

In the meantime, stay tuned to the Ghana Music Project on instagram and twitter @ghanamusicproject. We have also made a playlist called “Tema Boy,” to give you a taste of the music that comes from Tema.


Tema Boy Spotify Playlist Click Here

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Welcome to Our Blog

The Ghana Music Project blog will serve as our primary way to keep you updated on our latest news regarding the Ghana Music Project. We expect to record music, podcasts, and contribute to music education initiatives in Ghana. We welcome you to our community and thank you for your support. If you have any questions, feedback, and/or contributions, feel free to comment on our blog posts or reach out to us on our contact page.

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