Calling all producers that sample African tradition!

The Kpanlogo Riddim Competition officially launches on November 10, 2020. This program invites beat-makers, producers, and artists to remix the “Kpanlogo Riddim” samples recorded at the 2019 Music Preservation workshop at the University of Ghana. Not only is this an opportunity to collaborate with a master drummer from Ghana but also to showcase remixes onContinue reading “Calling all producers that sample African tradition!”

Fulbright Presentation Invitation

You are invited to learn more about the key role urban music makers play in music preservation initiatives in Ghana and the Global South. Cesar will illustrate research findings rooted in his experience as a Fulbright Scholar, DJ at 107.9 YFM, and Music Producer at Solidarity Studios. If you are interested in hip-hop, cultural preservation,Continue reading “Fulbright Presentation Invitation”

Are You A Ghanaian Creative Looking For Project Funding?

Welcome to Our Blog Are you a Ghanaian Creative looking to fund your upcoming film, music, or community projects? Check out the opportunities below to explore possible opportunities for your projects. The Ghana Music Project dedicates our efforts to providing you useful information, resources and opportunities for your artistic and intellectual contribution  to the world!Continue reading “Are You A Ghanaian Creative Looking For Project Funding?”

How much does it cost to produce one song in Ghana?

How much does it cost to produce one song in Ghana? Imagine, you are a musical creative landing into the culturally rich country of Ghana with the intention to record new afrobeat, hip-hop, and dance music for your EP or Album. You are looking for a professional yet affordable studio to record music but doContinue reading “How much does it cost to produce one song in Ghana?”