How much does it cost to produce one song in Ghana?

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How much does it cost to produce one song in Ghana?

Imagine, you are a musical creative landing into the culturally rich country of Ghana with the intention to record new afrobeat, hip-hop, and dance music for your EP or Album. You are looking for a professional yet affordable studio to record music but do not know where to start. Our financial break down discusses the average price to produce one song. This number often varies depending on relationships, services, and studios. But to put a number on the cost, it costs nearly 1000 Ghana Cedis to produce one high quality song in Ghana.

Song Cost

Mixing & Mastering: 300 GH or $55

Artist Fees: 250 GH or $45

Recording: 100 GH or $19

Transportation: 120 GH or $22

Producer Fee: 100 GH or $20

Ast. Producer Fee: 50 GH or $10

Misc Fees: 50 GH or $10

Total: 970 GH or $180

According to audio engineer and producer representing Avis Entertainment, Josh On It, about 3 people out of 5 people rather “use their head” instead of pay. “Using your head,” is a metaphor that describes an artist’s attempt to pay as little money as possible. Because Ghana’s economy is based around negotiation, most artists will find a way to successfully “use their head,” or reduce the price. At the same time, it’s important to clearly communicate a reasonable price or exchange for a service. So take this into consideration when coming to Ghana to produce your EP! Speaking of EP, we have listed reasonable prices to produce an EP consisting of six songs.


EP Cost

Mixing & Mastering: 1500 GH or $280

Artist Fees: 1200 GH or $220

Recording: 600 GH or $110

Transportation: 720 GH or $130

Producer Fee: 600 GH or $110

Ast. Producer Fee: 300 GH or $55

Misc Fees: 300 GH or $55

Total: 5,220 GH or $970

Now that we have found a reasonable price for producing an original song and/or EP, stay tuned to The Ghana Music Project’s blog to find out where you can find music studios to record music in Accra, Ghana. Follow our Youtube Channel, Instagram, and Facebook account @Ghanamusicproject to stay current with all the information you need to succeed in Ghana as an artist.

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