Sounds of Ghana

The Ghana Music Project will release our album, The Sounds of Ghana, in the new year! This will be an album that introduces the various types of musical genres in Ghana. These genres include Afrobeat, Azonto, Traditional Rhythms, Highlife, and Palm Wine. It will be the perfect album for anybody interested in experiencing the common music found in the streets, clubs, and villages of Ghana. So come experience the music of Ghana by ordering our album. If you are interested in preordering, please send an email to so that we can reserve your digital copy.

In an effort to finish the production of this diverse album, our team continues to visit the University of Ghana’s recording studio, built by Fulbright Scholar Colter Harper, to finish our recordings. The completion of the Sounds of Ghana will mark the end of a chapter regarding our work with traditional communities but mark the beginning of a new one with urban communities. This does not mean we are finished collaborating with traditional communities. We will in fact use the philosophies and approaches learned from traditional communities in our work with urban communities. The ultimate goal by May 2020 is to connect these two communities together through our music projects. Collaborations between these communities can lead to sounds such as the song below!

In an effort to engage with urban artists we continue to join and participate in freestyle sessions, video shoots, and music performances. Engaging with urban artist includes engaging with urban communities. Consequently we have a song recording workshop scheduled next week at “Kriswoods Academy” and are partnering with public schools (thanks to Fulbright Scholar Houssay) to continue our music education initiatives supported by Solidarity Studios. On December 26th our team will collaborate with the Ghana based record label and talent agency, BBNZ, to host a teen concert that showcases talented young creatives.


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