Community Workshops

The Ghana Music Project initiated its first set of community workshops in partnership with Kriswoods Academy. In this workshop, local artist NFL King Grandy, taught song writing and performance techniques to a group of thirty young students using his very own song, “Head Up,” as a learning tool. Click the video link below to watch how it went down!

The Ghana Music Project will continue to work with Kriswoods Academy to support music education initiatives. This time we will bring our mobile studio to give students experience with recording technologies and media production. More importantly, this is an opportunity to inspire youth to exercise their voices with confidence, which is key for the future leaders of the world. Click the link below to listen to the groovy instrumental that they will record over.

The Ghana Music Project approaches education in a unique way by incorporating the productions of local artists as learning tools for students. This gives us the opportunity to invite local artists to teach students what they have learned about the creative process. These creative agents accompanied with curriculum and facilitators inspires students to engage and connect with the content of the music and the content of their own lives in a fun, relatable, and impactful way.


In light of this, the Ghana Music Project will continue to partner with local artists in Tema and the Greater Accra region for creative and educational purposes. In this past month, we have connected with the following artists, all well practiced in their own specialities: Winston Michaels, 2iice, Ricky Spade, Dayjoo, NFL King Grandy, Manic, BLCKXNG KBO and Pearl. We plan to collaborate with each of these artists for our education programs, podcast, and media productions.


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