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The Ghana Music Project is a platform that helps artists, educators, and institutions connect to traditions of African knowledge through hip-hop, sampling, and digital learning technologies.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe that indigenous arts should be at the center of education . Our mission is to bridge the gap between creatives in the Diaspora and traditional Ghanaian knowledge through music, dance, and education . We do that by building cultural assets and creating educational programs that connect artists and learners to traditions of African art.


What People Say

When we are trying to preserve culture we are also trying to keep it living. So I would beg that we use another word instead of preserve. I think we should use the word “uphold.”

Dr. Kalonji Nzinga, Colorado Boulder University

Ghana and Africa’s problem is that we failed to define the arts in our education. For the arts to be effective in our developmental process, it is absolutely important that indigenous arts become the very foundation.

Dr. Kwashie Kuwor, University of Ghana

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